Online shopping is paving its paths strongly in Pakistan's digital consumer industry. Developed countries have already developed E-commerce roots in their day to day life. Back in 2013, Pakistan accomplished a big achievement in terms of setting up digital platforms to transpire consumer convenience in shopping.

People in Pakistan love to shop by visiting malls and shopping markets, but trends are changing when it comes to their youth. People are now more open to experimenting and try different mediums of shopping, especially via gadgets. Due to an increase in the usage of smartphones, during their busy schedule, people tend to opt for ease, and that is online shopping.

Online shopping stores in Pakistan are progressing day by day by providing more optimal, reliable, secure, and cooperative customer services. According to some reports in 2020, more than 200 million to 1 billion people gained more access to smartphones and the internet; which shows people are more interested in technology and the services it provides. According to the state bank, reviews on E-commerce in Pakistan are quite flattering. Currently, Pakistan has secured second place in South Asia's E-commerce Market.

We still don't have massive distribution platforms in Pakistan like eBay or Amazon, but in this blog, we'll be listing some of the best and most reliable online shopping stores in Pakistan.

1.  Daraz.pk

Daraz.pk is one of the leading E-commerce sites of Pakistan. Daraz.pk is popular in Pakistan because of its wide variety of products and every category being filled with lots of deals and packages, making it more desirable among people not only in Pakistan, but also in other South Asian countries like Bangladesh, Nepal, and Srilanka.

Daraz.pk offers all kinds of products like electronics, crockery, clothes and accessories for both genders and kids, gym equipment, medicine, cosmetics, and much more. Using Daraz.pk is as easy as the effort it takes to make a few clicks. Users can visit their website and choose their required products from different sellers. Daraz.pk is reliable, fast, and its easygoing return and exchange policies attract permanent customers. Sellers are also satisfied by Daraz.pk as they can earn quite a handsome amount of profit.  

Editor's Advice Apart from that, there is always room for improvement; daraz.pk should consider working on stricter rules when it comes to the buyers' protection and support system. Also, there is no such kind of measurement for the credibility of sellers, one should always consider reviews and ratings while deciding to purchase from a specific seller.

2.  HomeShopping.pk

In recent times, HomeShopping.pk has become one of the most used Online Shopping stores in Pakistan. The most unique thing about this E-commerce site is that it offers a 1-year repair warranty for their products, apart from 7 days of replacement warranty which is a great deal for the customers.  

Homeshopping.pk always works with prices majestically. They claim that no other e-commerce site can beat the low prices, in short, we can get good quality products at affordable prices. It serves all kinds of products ranging from gadgets, home appliances, cosmetics, clothing, crockery, to home decor.

Editor's Advice

Buyers should take advantage by taking wise steps by carefully skimming through reviews about the products, as they are offering 7 days exchange warranty.

3. Juglo.pk

Considering business requirements in the recent era and online shopping sector, we need creativity and individuality. Juglo is one of the leading online shopping stores in Pakistan which entails effective and strong customer service rules, which captivates buyers' attention within no time.

More surprisingly, Juglo.pk offers an enormous amount of products with all types of categories, sometimes subcategories of these categories can be found as well. ss Juglo progressively updates the variety of products in their market to give their users excitement to get fresh products within a very optimum time. Another plus point Juglo has is that they provide fast delivery with no charges.

Editor's advice

Moreover, Juglo also offers multiple vouchers and discount deals very often.

4. Shophive.com

Another online shopping store in Pakistan that catches the eye. In 2006 shophive.com emerged as a strong contestant in the E-commerce category in Pakistan. To date, it is one of the major online sites which is famous for its customer services and after-sale assistance. You may find all kinds of products i.e. home appliances, food, gadgets, clothes, toys, fashion-related items, and much more.

Editor's Advice

Shophive.com offers good deals to get your desired order with affordability and convenience. Prices and delivery charges are not that high as well.

5.  Mega.pk 

If you are looking for a well-organized and maintained online shopping site related to technology, Mega.pk is one of its kind. The vast variety of new products are always stacked in this market place, tech lovers can find it quite intriguing to get new trending gadgets and their accessories.