Do you want to reduce your baby product business operating costs and increase margins for your business? In that case, you're in luck because now Juglo.Pk brings you an optimum E-Commerce platform that helps you run your business around the globe, effortlessly! You can now sit anywhere in Pakistan and send your products as far as the UK and Poland. 

Why You Should Sell Your Baby Products with Juglo. PK

According to research, revenue for the baby product market is now expected to reach $13 billion by 2021. These stats have drawn more people to the market to turn a profit for themselves as well. So, start now on Juglo Pakistan to get ahead of the curve because it is your time to shine! And if those statistics are still not enough to persuade you, let us tell you that about 20% of baby product sales take place online. These sales in comparison to other products are much more than any other packaged consumer goods, with e-commerce sales continuing to rise.

As E-Commerce platforms improve their offerings, more parents are inclined to putting their trust in these big eCommerce markets to buy baby stuff online in Pakistan. Juglo is the ultimate eCommerce platform that provides its clients to sell their exceptional products without any worries making it one of the best online stores in Pakistan.

Read on further to find out why we call Juglo one of the best online stores in Pakistan for sellers. 

The Registration Process 

Most sellers worry about complicated registration methods and long waiting periods. With Juglo.pk which is one of the best online shopping stores, your approval is quick, the customer service is helpful, and there are no hidden charges. In fact, there are no charges with us at all! Not even any kind of commission from the profit that your sales will produce. You can simply create a seller’s account and manage your business in five simple steps. 

  1. Fill the registration form. 
  2. Provide required bank details and NIC. 
  3. Fill product listing document 
  4. Manage your account 
  5. Pack and ship your orders. 

Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Well, it certainly is. You can learn even more about the process in detail over here. 

Forget the downsides of selling online. 

The biggest concern for most businesses is getting recognition and the establishment of trust between you and your customers. Hence, they have to battle for their security to always stay on top of the industry ladder. But with the help of Juglo Pakistan, you will not have to worry about all that jazz concerning you and affecting your business.

Juglo makes sure that both their sellers and their customers receive immense satisfaction. To make that possible, they filter the platform only to have authentic sellers --- which eventually builds the customers’ trust in us those of which buy baby stuff online in Pakistan. 

Moreover, Juglo.pk already has the recognition required to attract buyers, so a seller would not have to go out of their way to market their store. It can handle the customer’s highest demands and deliver on them with quality service.

Sell while you sleep 

Unlike physical stores, where you have to worry about shop closing hours, an eCommerce platform helps to relieve you of all these worries. With the help of an online platform such as Juglo.Pk you can go to sleep stress-free and not worry about buyers because it's too late in the evening now. Customers can buy baby stuff online in Pakistan now with ease, and at any hour of the day! The process of ordering and making payments will be managed entirely by the online system.

Parents are always busy during the day, so the only time to spend shopping for their kidlets is later hours of the day. Your customers will not be bound to opening and closing time restrictions. It doesn’t matter if it’s midnight, and you are asleep; a buyer will still be able to place a product and be on their way. Your only job is to wake up and ship your order on time. 

When you offer customers to buy products online and globally, it increases your potential chance of a more passive income. In hindsight, you do not have to rely on any sales staff to do the job for you and give you a vast opportunity to boost your online sales with minimal costs. 

Increase your virtual reach 

Traditional E-Commerce platforms only allow you to reach customers within your country. However, Juglo.pk will automatically help reach a broader sales market providing high scale-ability. Also, with their innovative strategies, they are also planning to further expand their reach to more countries. If you are not aware of the technicalities in the deal, they also offer International Freight forwarding custom clearance support. These benefits make Juglo.pk the best online store to sell with to help make your journey as a business owner much easier. 

Juglo.pk currently allows its vendors to sell in these countries: 

  1. Poland 
  2. Hungary 
  3. Germany 
  4. Austria 
  5. United Kingdom


Measurable Sales 

Juglo provides you with a dashboard with all your data saved there with security. A vendor can track, measure, and analyze it without a problem. You can also calculate the total revenue you have achieved at regular intervals, and work towards growth. 

This method is much simpler than any other sales approach, making one less staff member do all the analyzing for you, eventually further cutting down business costs. You can also find out which products are selling more successfully and with popularity, to help you determine trends and wants of consumers which only adds to another reason for Juglo as the best online shopping platform for sellers.  

Encourages new customers

Your baby products can gain more visibility through Juglo which encourages new customers at any time, any day. The platform invests highly in marketing, so you do not have to worry about trying to fit in advertising costs in varying budgets. 

Not only do you save a lot of money, where we take charge, but also increase sales regularly. Their website has a section to buy baby products online, which helps you reach your target audience with a more thematic personalization and applying promotional methods more accurately. 

Final Verdict 

With the information we provided, it is clear that surely Juglo.pk is one of the best online shopping platforms in Pakistan which will help expand your business with close to minimal efforts. There are no risks involved and zero-costs to set up an account and get started. You have your products; you have your ideas and Juglo.pk is here to help you execute your plans. 

It is important to consider e-commerce-based business strategies in the modern world of tools and technologies meeting the challenges of the future. 

So, are you ready to be a part of Juglo. pk now?


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