Are you eagerly looking for a home and kitchen decor ideas? Then you have reached the right platform to start with.
As Pakistan's E-commerce industry is growing, people love to shop everything from online shopping stores. New trends not only bring change in the clothing and fashion sector, but they also love to stay updated in terms of house design and decor. Juglo.pk has hundreds of products in each category including home decor items and complete kitchen accessories.

There are plenty of home decor magazines available in Pakistan, one surely gets mesmerized while watching such decor ideas.  It is quite a task to make your home cozy yet stylish, but you can achieve your desired look by shopping through juglo.pk.

How to Build and Decorate the Complete Kitchen with Juglo?

Our Kitchen Decor section is all about the art and design crafted to make your kitchen more stunning and attractive so that you can spend more quality time while making your meal.

You can also mix and match the textures and colors to give your style some dimension. Let's find out what juglo has to offer you.

 Electronics & Appliances
We have a vast variety of kitchen appliances; you can pick and choose items according to your desire. Technology has vastly upgraded the level of decor; modern decoration ideas are mostly created while putting the modern appliances in respect of your vision.
In our category of appliances, you can easily find a tremendous amount of modern kitchen gadgets.

Good Lighting
Lighting is a key aspect when it comes to decorating any part of your house, as it creates a huge difference in your design. For instance; bright lighting tends to make bigger spaces smaller and vice versa. You can make your living space cozy, classy, modern, and vintage by just making small changes in the lighting setup,


Under Juglo, we are not stirring up lies to gather buyers. Rather, we are presenting you with some of the most authentic and original lighting products. Now use your imagination or gather designs from decor magazines. We have every kind of decoration lighting available at very affordable prices. 

Kitchen Furniture and Wall Hangings
Furnishing brings any place come to life, especially homes. You can add up extra storage shelves, it doesn't only give a modern aura to your kitchen, but it also creates some extra storage space within the four walls of the kitchen. Many sellers and brands on juglo bring the latest modern designs constantly, you can pick and choose the design that is on your vision board!
You have to bring in some of the best furniture pieces according to the design and plan of your kitchen. Because your furniture should fit in right in regards to the angle, dimension, and size of your kitchen, otherwise it will give a messy look.

DIY Projects
You can bring individuality and give your kitchen your personal touch by creating your crafts. You can paint your cabinets and shelves with your imaginative designs and prints. Changing some door and shelf knobs brings your personal style. Juglo has hundreds of products that can be used as paints for the plain canvas of your kitchen.

How to Decor your Home with Juglo Products?

Interior designers and decorators are proved angels for decorating your house and turning it into your home, with your personal touches and customization. You can revamp your house decor even if you have a limited budget and are concerned about the money that may be consumed while decorating or redecorating your home. Juglo.pk is here to save your day, we have an unlimited amount of products and categories which can come in handy while decorating your house.
·         Garden and Patio Decor
The best part of every house has to be the garden/lawn or patio area. You can enjoy the outdoor atmosphere during both sunny or rainy days. Patio furniture plays a very vital role in enhancing the environment where you can go to refresh your mind.

Also, Patio lighting brings a dreamy, cozy, and magical feeling for the family members. Juglo offers multiple types of outdoor lighting with different designs and colors, for you to select and take home to give your lawn/patio an outdoor movie set look!
·         Bed Room Decor
The most personal space you may find in someone's house is their bedroom, you can decorate it according to your taste instead of not following the theme of the rest of your home decor. 

Juglo offers a lot of furniture, lighting, and bedding items, which you may find useful while decorating your bedroom.