Consider this scenario, you start off your business with high hopes to establish it successfully and earn your much-deserved profits in return. But the journey isn't that simple in hindsight, with the common man facing tremendous obstacles in his path. The more time passes on, and you encounter new challenges that are ready to throw a curveball right at you. But when given the proper resources and assistance the business will begin to grow and handily gain more profit in the process.

For this purpose, Juglo.pkhas arrived to solve these dilemmas and help to usher your business to the next level. Our intention is to help elevate the business schemes of our fellow Pakistanis. By aligning your business with Juglo which is quickly rising to be one of the best online shopping stores, you can expand your business. With this goal in mind, we want you to join us so we can aid you in all your selling plans. 

The selling systems that we provide are all meticulous and assist in selling your products efficiently. Your products are shipped to foreign countries much swiftly without any hiccups in the process. So, let us prove our claims and make well on our promise to help you and be a part of this journey together.

Shipping to Other Countries

Part of Juglo's prestige that it allows you to ship internationally without any extra hidden charges easily. There are two ways that you can apply to sell your products in other countries with us:

  • Fulfillment by Juglo
  • Fulfillment by Vendor

Through these two fulfillments plans your products will be shipped internationally to the UK and Europe. Your products will appear in marketplaces that other eCommerce sites can’t grant you the access to reach. Now let us guide you about the applying process and explain you about the full details of these two plans.

Fulfillment by Juglo

The Fulfillment by Juglo process is the optimum service that is ready for you whenever you want to sell your precious goods on Juglo.pk. From the Fulfillment by Juglo process, you can easily store all the products you want to in our Juglo warehouses. Through these warehouses, we can swiftly pick, pack, and ship the products when ordered.

Our Fulfillment by Juglo service is available within Pakistan but, if you want to sell on multiple domains, these services are in the UK and Europe as well. As of currently, our trusty warehouses and services are available in the following countries:

1. Scotland, United Kingdom

2. Gdynia, Poland

3. Budapest, Hungary

4. Iserlohn, Germany

5. Faisalabad & Karachi, Pakistan.


To get further details and the storage fee, you can send an inquiry email to us with your product title, quantity, and other further details at support@juglo.pk and our support team will contact you to guide you from that point onwards for other details such as:

- Storage fee

- Freight Forwarding & Custom Clearance

- VAT registration

- Shipment and payment processing

Application Process

When you have collected the required guidance & support and have received the word from our support team for fulfillment and Juglo warehouse storage services, you can now apply to sell successfully on fulfillment by juglo using the following steps:

  • On the Fulfillment Menu, click on ‘Account Details’
  • Fill out the application form/account details and click on ‘Create’
  • Your information will therefore be sent to us for verification. Our team will verify and respond to you within the next 24-48 hours.

When your account is approved, you can send your product inventory for fulfillment. For that, you need to create a new product listing of your product and then save it, then send replenishment using the following method.

  • On the Products tab, click on the Update Products & then ‘Edit Products’. 
  • Click on your product listing that you want to send for fulfillment by Juglo.
  • Click on the ‘Fulfillment’ tab
  • Click on ‘Send Replenishment
  • Enter the information regarding your product.
  • Ensure that you only ‘Mark it shipped’ when you have shipped the products to the warehouses.
  • To view your fulfillment inventory, click on the ‘Manage Inventory’ option situated on the ‘Fulfillment’ tab.
  • To view orders that are fulfilled and unfulfilled, click ‘View Fulfillment Orders’
  • To know about the available list of warehouses, click on ‘Store’.
  • To view the address of warehouses for the shipping products, click on the title of the warehouse on the Store option under the Fulfillment menu.

Fulfillment by Vendor

The Fulfillment by Vendor process is a bit direct that you need to manage it yourself. If you truly want to keep account of everything in your inventory on your own, then in that case Fulfillment by Vendor is the way to go. This plan lets you handle the shipment of products by yourself. But to do so, you need to settle a valid contract with DHL for shipping your products internationally.