• Please make sure that this form is filled with your accurate details.
  • Providing forged information would result in us terminating your VAT registration case on immediate basis.
  • In case you are found scamming, it could possibly lead us to report you to the concerned authorities.


The information provided will be used to make a legal declaration to UK HMRC and for European VAT registration on your behalf.

Main Business Address

Particulars of Incorporation

Business Particulars

Business Activities

Personal Particulars of the Company

Home Address Details

Previous Home Address Details (if lived at current address for less than 3 years)

Identity Verification Evidence

Please provide any sort of primary evidence (concerning the CEO/President named on the application for VAT registration) that consists of a copy of government issued photo identification i.e. Passport Photo Driver’s License, National Identity Card.

Provide two supplementary evidences for identity vertification i.e copies of driver’s license or mortgage statement